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  • 30. November 1999



Reed Exhibitions Visitor Service Center

You can find our VISITOR SERVICE CENTRE opposite the exhibition centre
We are delighted to be able to offer the following services:

Hotel - Reservations

Our partner hotels offer excellent value for money. We constantly check up on service quality to guarantee a pleasant stay in Salzburg. Benefit from Reed Messe Salzburg's partnership network. On request we can also send you our list of hotels.

On site services during events

Information on and surrounding the events, all kinds of tourist tips, hotel bookings, lost & found office, ticket filing for your staff and customers.

Getting here by rail, road or air

Save time and money!


Arrivals by train

Train schedules

Save time and money. The ÖBB EVENTticket entitles you to travel to the show at a discount of 25% from anywhere in Austria 25%. The ÖBB EVENTticket can be booked online here or at any ÖBB ticket counter (but not from automatic ticket dispensers or train conductors).

Show your ÖBB EVENTticket at the expo ticket window to purchase a discount admission ticket.

ÖBB – Safe and convenient travel from all over Austria

Restaurant selection & reservation

We inform you about the best things to see and do in Salzburg at night. Relax after a hard day, celebrate a successful day on show at the exhibition; we are happy to help you plan your evening.

Tickets and information

for the theatre and concerts - and many other current tourist attractions in and around Salzburg.

Sightseeing tours & supporting programmes

We are happy to arrange tours of the city and special excursions, and would be delighted to help you to organise side events.

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