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  • 30. November 1999




Since 2008 Messezentrum Salzburg has been collecting parking fees from exhibitors. Every exhibitor receives free exhibitor parking tickets according to the following scale:

  • up to 32 sqm stand space 2 exhibitor parking tickets
  • from 33 sqm stand space upwards 4 exhibitor parking tickets
  • co-exhibitors 2 parking tickets

These parking tickets are valid throughout the entire show (including set-up and disassembly).

Important information about exhibitor car park tickets required in excess of the free quota:

1-day parking ticket:
Can be purchased for 7 (incl. VAT) at the expo ticket windows, car park pay machines and the APCOA ticket desk.

Multi-day tickets for exhibitors:
Cheaper tickets are available from a 2-day stay upwards at 4 (incl. VAT) / day. These tickets can only be purchased at the APCOA ticket desk at the central entrance (Mitte).

These parking tickets are valid as follows:
1st official set-up day – last official set-up day until 12 p.m. last show day from 4 p.m. onwards – last official disassembly day until 12 p.m. Attention: Not valid during the show!

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